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Tokala Clifford – Lakota Actor



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Biographical Information

Tokala is a Native American actor from Crazy Horse’s people, the O’uh’pe band of the Oglala Lakota.  His Lakota name is Tokala Hehaka Sapa, because of this he has also been credited as Tokala Black Elk. (Tokala has also been credited as Gerald Tokala Clifford.)  His Father's Lakota name was Nanca Cikala.  His Mother's name is Charlotte Black Elk.  Tokala grew up on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  Tokala was one of the youngest people ever to represent a government before the US Senate, when he represented the Oglala Sioux Tribe at the age of 13.  He has been active in efforts to assist Lakota youth by increasing their awareness of their native language & culture.  Tokala will attain certification to teach the Lakota Language at an undergraduate level through Oglala Lakota College in the spring of 2003. (Look for a link to his language site coming soon!!!)  His last Released movie was Chris Eyre’s “SKINS”. (Now available on DVD and Video.)  His next appearance will be in DreamKeeper, a TV miniseries which is set to premier on ABC. (The official release date has been pushed off tentatively until November, 2003.)


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